Sunday, November 05, 2006

Side Bar - Not cooking related

I am in so much hot water.

No I mean literally. Ok so we have this closet in my laundry room. It used to hold the hot water heater. This was before we even moved into the house - 12 years ago. Well we recently redid this small room. Basically new flooring, new paint. Nothing too serious. Well in this closet I've always just had misc. items, but never organized. That all changed today. I pulled all the crap out and got it all set up and ready to go back in nice and tidy like. Hhmm..what is this copper tube? Why does it have a valve on it..."Honey?" "Yes?" "Can you come get rid of this copper thing in the closet in the laundry room?" "Now?" "Yes or tomorrow. I just want to organize this closet and I've pulled everything out.." "Ok"

So here he comes, my little handy man hero. He looks it over, nods a bit and heads to the garage to get the tool(s) he needs. A few moments later he comes back in gets down to the task. I'm ironing my uniforms in the same room and making sure I keep out of his way and ready to hand him any one of the 18 tools he's brought in. A little rustling noise and then I hear "Oh crap!" followed by the sound of water escaping quickly. I ask "Was that still hooked up?" "No it might be the extra water in the pipe that's been under pressure all this time...and the tube is pretty long..." water is still gushing out "*t" My brain is telling me to keep quiet but my mouth just HAS to ask the question "Honey why didn't you check to see if it was still hooked up to water with that valve thingy that was on it?" I get the look and "The valve was stuck!" and again I hear myself asking a question "You only tried to open it with your fingers, not a pair a pliers?" Then I hear "Oh dammit! if that tube has fallen thru I'll have to go under the house." Now where this tube is and where the entrance is to go under the house you'll understand why I left the laundry room at that moment. (I have to admit I was laughing at this point but I couldn't let him see or hear me)

He comes walking down the hall asking me for money because now he has to run to the hardware store. I just hand him some small bills and of course ask if there is anything I can do? He just shakes his head and mutters as he's walking out the door. He comes back a few minutes later with what he needs.
Of course we're dealing with us so it's not an easy fix. 30 minutes later he believes it's fixed. I am so hopeful. I've even entertain the thought that I'll check it every day and even if I see it leaking I'll just leave a big towel there and never tell him.

I will sure think long and hard before coming up with any other tasks. :)


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