Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Day 2 of Culinary School

Or as I like to call it – Day 2 in my personal asylum.

As the class starts we find that all 20 students have returned and are smiling…this is a good sign. We proceed to stand at our stations for 1.5 hours and listen to a lecture. At this point my back is talking outloud “Hello can you like sit or lean on something please? I’m getting cranky”. I ignore it and push thru. After the long lecture, which was interesting at least, it’s time for Sanitary Video Part II. This is a 45 minute video on..yes you guessed it – Sanitation. During this video my back got rude “Ok that’s it! You either lean or sit right now or I am out of here!” Problem is Chef has said no leaning, sitting on the edge or squatting. *whimpers softly*

Video is over and it’s time for a 15 minute break. I head right for the lobby and sit in one of the comfy chairs. My back let’s out a big AAahhhh. I know my back and feet will toughen up so not too worried.

On to the next phase….it’s time to start cutting again. Tonight we got 3 ingredients. Yes carrots was one, plus onions and celery. The room was fragrant with this mirepox. And tomorrow we’ll be using it to make stocks.

That’s about all I have for day 2. The real cooking starts tomorrow night.


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