Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Day 16 – Eggactly!

Well this evening brought us more eggs. We did a sunnyside up egg, over easy, over medium and over hard. We had to turn the latter 3 over without using a spatula..this meant flip them in the pan. I figured mine would end up ‘over easy on the floor’. Well the first try didn’t go too well, broke the yoke. But after that…YEAH BABY! I was flipping like a pro.

I made a huge mistake with one of our other ‘dishes’. However it’s a mistake I can fix. We made crepe batter to use for tomorrows crepes, milk, flour, butter, eggs….mix that all up and hold it. Well I forgot to put in the eggs!! So when I go in tomorrow I’ll grab my batter and add those eggs right quick. I was so focused on the ‘egg dishes’ I wigged out on the dish that had eggs in it.

Time for omelets. We had to make 2 – a French omelet and a western omelet. The boring part there was no other ingredients other than eggs. It was experience for the folding technique. But really…does it make it taste any different if it’s folded like a taco or a burrito? No.

O’Brien potatoes and bacon finish things off. Not real hard but they had to be timed so we could each present our breakfast plate and everything had to be hot.

At the end of this evenings eggtracurricular activites we received our grades from last week (not including the test we took this evening) I got a 95.2 for last week! Wootage please! My mid-term for this session is at 94. This is because I blew the first test out my rear. But for the final they take the lowest test score and pitch it so I’m hopeful.

That close this evening out. Tomorrow – Let Them Eat Crepes!


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