Sunday, September 24, 2006

Day 23 – More Reviews

Well today was an interesting day. Not so much in the dishes as we only reviewed again some of the dishes we had done previously. But tonight things got a bit more heated. I’m blaming it on the weather or change in seasons.

We all prepared our dishes and things went relatively smoothly. However it was noted that one student was getting, what appeared to be, extra treatment. I will not mention names as that would be rude to do so here and not afford them the ability to explain. Suffice it to say this particular person acts very much as if they are do any and all extra treatment. So when this person was having trouble with several dishes the Chef was right there doing them over. Now many of us raised concerns as to how this person could be graded on these dishes as they didn’t prepare them, the Chef did. Everyone voiced to each other their utter disgust. I will admit, I too, raised an eyebrow and thought well some of us work for what we have and earn it and others it’s just given to.

That same night this persons task was to restock the tools needed for the students the next day, i.e. spoons, whisks, spatula’s etc. As my job was to clean I was up at the front of the class cleaning the Chef’s station and just happen to look up as this person was stocking a metal spoon and dropped it. They then proceeded to pick it up and begin to put it into the container. I guess I went into full “mom” mode. I yelled out ‘Susan!!’. (Susan is not this persons name just using a name for affect) This person turned and looked at me and said “What?!” It was at this moment, you know the one, the moment when you realized you’re committed to something that you probably shouldn’t do, but you feel compelled to do it because it’s the right thing to do. It was also at this moment (in the space of the eternity of 3 seconds when everything goes in super slow motion) that I heard all cleaning stop, and then all heads turned to look at me and then at Susan all without appearing to do so. You could see it in their eyes “OoOooo Denise is gonna get it on with Susan…” and they just paused everything they were doing. One person cleaned the counter they were cleaning when it started till the end. That was one clean spot. Another washed the same dish. I replied to Susan “You CANNOT put that spoon in the container to be used tomorrow!” Susan wrinkles up her forehead “Why not?!” I was in utter shock. I took the tone of addressing a petulant child “Because you dropped it on the floor! It’s now dirty and you need to take it to the sink to be washed and sanitized that’s why!” She huffed of muttering “Whatever!”

Oh the drama!

The students are also commenting on the tension between our two instructors.

I guess finals won’t be so bad since it means moving on to do something new. Maybe we’re all getting bored with carrots, brunoise, mirepox, rouxs and soups. It’s all we’ve been eating for dinner for 5 weeks. After finals we start our meat fabrication. I’m hoping the protein will do our brains good or at least our moods.


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