Thursday, August 16, 2007

The Dinner Party Part One... the menu is a compilation of my dishes and some things she wanted.

Appetizers - Stuffed mushrooms, with ricotta, herbs and bread crumbs. Also stuff cherry tomatoes with crab and cream cheese.

Starter - my lobster ravioli with a basil cream sauce

Main course - Pan seared chicken breasts (finished in oven) with a white wine sauce made with the pan drippings and a cold salad with pomegranate vinaigrette, sliced pears and candied walnuts.

So yesterday I did all my shopping and made the stuffing for the tomatoes and the mushrooms. Also wrote out a time line. Client calls me at 8pm to inform me that another will be joining the party and is that a problem? (thank goodness I planned for 2 extra)

Wednesday morning. Up bright and early to get a jump on a few things. Wanted to get my pasta made....but first a hearty breakfast for my family. Ok now to the pasta...oh my god..I did not just do that?! I did..seems I used all my eggs. Now I can't make the pasta. Hubby to the rescue! He jumps on his motorcycle and heads to the store to get eggs. Hubby pulls up and runs in with the eggs and not one broken! Ok let's make pasta...oh my god you are kidding me!!! How can I be out of flour?!?!?! Is this someones idea of a sick a joke!? (oh this whole thing gets so much better)My daughter is heading out the door to go to Target and offers to get the flour. Ok…breathing…I’ll clean the tomatoes and mushrooms and start the lobster filling. Every big dinner is going to have a few mishaps..just roll with have plenty of time. Daughter’s home and hands me the bag with the flour in it. I put it to the side since I’m working on the lobster stuffing. Ok…lobster stuffing made, tomatoes cleaned and mushrooms are ready. Let’s make some pasta….**begins to cry this just cannot be happening** while my daughter was so gracious in going to the store she bought the wrong kind of flour. I told her I needed just plain AP flour. So now I’m off to the store to get that exchanged. I was in and out in a flash and back home before you knew it. Pasta time…oh no…ha! Actually it was pasta time and got my batches all made and they are currently resting in the fridge.

That’s when the next tragedy hit. My hubby in all his concern for the fridge being open and closed so much, in our 104 degree heat (with humidity so bad I feel like I’m breathing under water), decided to put our big industrial fridge on what is called Holiday setting. This makes it cold…real cold…so cold it has frozen and ruined all of the basil I bought. Worst part is I bought out all the basil the store had. The other grocery store in our area closed.

I’m actually pondering when I should I start drinking at this point. It’s either vodka or a stroke.

I have to go to 3 other stores in the outlaying areas to get the basil I need.

Back home with the basil. Quick check of email and to update you all. It’s the only way I can sit and breathe calmly. It’s time for me to head back in and roll out the pasta and stuff the ravioli.I’ll update you later tonight at how the cooking part went. I sincerely hope all the mishaps were here at home and not more to come.


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