Monday, September 25, 2006

Day 24 – Humpty Dumpty Sat on a Wall….Humpty Dumpty made a lot of egg dishes.

Well the mood today was a bit better. With the eggception no one wanted to cook eggs again. Yep we did our over easy, French omelet, quiche Lorraine, eggs benedict and O’Brien potatoes again.

This night went pretty quick since eggs really don’t take that long to cook. I think we were all pretty much done by 9pm. Well except for 2 who’s mess was so atrocious that this was the one night Chef didn’t make us all stay and leave as a group. Oh we left as a group, just minus 2. They had to stay and clean up.

We only had one injury tonight when Chris cut into his finger and the first knuckle part and opened a big flap of skin. Poor guy is also very squeamish about blood too, particularly his own. So he had to sit down before he fell down.

I think the worst news came from another student in an upper class about 2 incidents. What I cannot figure out is why the school didn’t take a harder line with them. Everything cannot be about the cash flow. At some point you have to say damn the cash and save the reputation.

Seems a couple of weekends ago our school hosted a wine tasting even for Wolfgang Puck. He often calls upon our school and the Le Cordon Bleu school to help with his events. In any case, 2 of the students who were there to help in their chef whites got to partaking of the wine samples and got thoroughly drunk. They were expelled from the event and later came back in the plain clothes and had to be escorted off. I learned that they were NOT expelled from the school but because of their actions Mr. Puck will not be using our school for any future events. Cover your ears young ones…

I am PISSED!!! How dare the school not evict these kids for their outrageous behavior! Now the rest of us must suffer? I plan to talk to the education director tonight if I get a chance to get all the facts. But that is just crazy.

I also heard of an incident in one of the afternoon classes in which 2 gals almost came to blows (this is not good considering we all have sharp knives at our fingertips). There were expelled for the evening and got zeros’ for their daily grade, but come on. At some point you have to stand up and say this is not acceptable! Maybe if they make examples of these folks others will learn. I’m sorry if this is stereotyping but in each of the incidents the students were all under the age of 23. This type of environment requires a certain amount maturity. And most of the younger students do not have it. Sorry if you’re younger and take offense, I’m just calling it as I see it. Even in my class we have a few younger students that just do not have ‘life experience’ and it shows.

Well as you may, or may not, remember next week is finals. Not sure what I’ll post, maybe just a thought on how I did. There won’t be any talking or demo’s or new dishes.

On a side note many here at my office asked me for a recipe I made and brought in and they loved it. So I share with you all now.

Potato/Artichoke Gratin (Yields 2 servings)

1 clove garlic, thinly sliced
12 oz russet potatoes, peeled and sliced 1/8” thick (rounds)
3 artichoke hearts
1.5 oz Gruyere cheese, shredded
4 oz heavy cream
Salt and Pepper as needed
¾ cup Panko bread crumbs
1 oz butter, melted
Make in a 6” sauté pan. If stainless steel be sure to spray with a non-stick spray

1. In a bowl, season the potato and artichoke slices with salt and pepper.
2. In the 6” pan layer in the circle potatoes, garlic, cheese, artichokes in an alternate pattern.
3. Slowly pour the cream over the top.
4. Bake at 350 for 45 minutes to an hour. Potatoes should be fork tender.
5. Melt butter in small sauce pan and add bread crumbs.
6. Sprinkle crumbs over top of potatoes and return to over till golden brown.
7. Let rest at least 10 minutes before cutting.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!


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