Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Day 1 of CCT – Here Piggy Piggy!

Well today marks our first day in CCT. Today we got to fabricate an entire pig. (Babe) Our new Chef Instructor is Chef Colin True.

I will include photos, but be warned they may be considered gruesome for some (wonders how many people stopped reading the blog at this point and instantly scrolled down…)

Not much on recipe preparation. We removed the head (I got to do that – so cool!) and then fab’ed out the hocks, hams, bacon, belly for bacon, tenderloins etc. Nothing gets wasted. I ended up de-boning a lot of the parts. I just really got into this task and wouldn’t mind doing a whole on my own if I’m ever afforded the opportunity.

Tomorrow we will start grinding up the meat for sausages. We began the brine for the hams and the rub for bacon. The hams will brine for seven days and the bacon takes a long time as well to dry. I’ve never made sausage so looking forward to it.

The newbies arrived today as well. They’re so cute in their new shiny white coats. But wait…why is their knife kit so much thicker than ours…? So I grabbed one as they were walking by “Hey come here for a sec. I want to see what’s in your knife kit and since you’re freshman you have to comply” whoa she did! Well come to find out they have all the pastry stuff in their bags we didn’t get in ours. Tips for piping, piping bag, pasta wheel, veggie/fruit peeler, pizza cutter even a zester. Well if that didn’t get our goat up and before you could even raise the other eyebrow Carrie was on it. Turns out we can buy the extra stuff and I will admit at a pretty good price. I’ve added so much other stuff to my bag it’s already quite full. We did find out the tuition was raised, but not sure by how much as it’s no longer on their site.

Our school has also just opened another one in Sacramento California and in 3 years one will be opening in Oregon.

Well that’s about it for tonight.

Until Tomorrow!...

Here is Babe - note the very big knives in the back.

I got to remove the head. Yes it still had its teeth and you can see the tongue.

Babe is then held and cut into the needed primals so we can start making hams, roasts etc.

Eddie looks thrilled, Lynndy I think is just happy we didn't have to kill it, Abbie I think had as much fun as I did :)

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