Tuesday, February 09, 2010


No this isn't about the game!

This is as a big a holiday for foodies as Thanksgiving. It's the playoffs! It's the time we create munchies that are not standard but fun and filling and can go toe toe with a thrilling play in the inzone.

So my menu was Chex Mix - and the neat thing about this stuff is since it's basically cereal it's perfect for breakfast on the go, Chianti braised stuffed mushrooms, antipasta salad, spinach artichoke dip, bruschetta, fresh guacamole. We bounced from Mexico to Italy and then came back home to Red Velvet cupcakes (Thanks Deb!).

Dinner was lemon garlic marainated chicken which was grilled and served on a bed of greens with a lemon vinairgrette. (well except for Terry who someday needs to learn that Ranch dressing does not go on everything. Besides Ranch Dressing is the Californians solution to bleu cheese dressing. I truly think it went down something like this -

Chip - Pass me some of that dressing dude, that looks like it would radically go with my salad. **pours dressing** Oh man this is bogus!
Barbie - Like whatever Earl, it's like French ya know?
Chip - French or not it totally sucks! Like it's not sweet or anything.
Gayle Henderson - Here son let me fix you up something more to your liking. Out here in Santa Barbara we like to think we're refined, but we know we're just pretentious. I'll mask that classic wonderful cheese flavor with some buttermilk and mayo (yeah like that made it healthier - let's see 5g more of fat, 7mg more of cholesterol) and add some powdered garlic (yum...why not fresh again?) Oh and here in California since we put sour cream on everything we know that if we put that in our dressing soon you will use our dressing for everything and even forget sour cream is available.
Chip - Like dude that sound righteous!)

**Gayle is the creator of Ranch Dressing. Let's egg her house 'k?

Ok back to the food, the real food at least. It was topped off with some impromptu garlic bread. Folks don't buy that frozen garlic bread. Take a cube of butter, 2-3 cloves of garlic (use a garlic press to make this fast) some parsley and Parmesan cheese melt it slightly so you can spread it and broil till it's done. Delish!

All in all we ate like heffers (Moo). I really love "food days".


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