Thursday, September 28, 2006

Day 27 – Day 3 of Finals

Well day is complete. Not a real hard night just time consuming because we had to let our French Onion Soup reduce. Tonight we did….well French Onion Soup, Cream of Tomato Soup, Pasta Dough, Pie Dough and Bechamel sauce (which was needed for the cream of tomato).

I was done by 9pm. At least this evening Chef Knight kept on harping about dishes. She caught a few people dropping and leaving them and would call them out after they walked back to their station “Chris! You have dishes you just left over here, come get them done.”

We all (all but 3) got out about 9:20 tonight which was a treat!

Tomorrow is a big night. We have a lot of dishes that are time consuming. Even now I’m reviewing them in my head to see what I will do and when.

Till Tomorrow!


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