Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Ode to Souffle'

Oh today I got new eggs
Their shells so clean and new
I knew for sure that I would make
A dish that was my debut.

I gathered my ingredients
And strengthen my resolve
Tonight I would make a dish
And hope I had the gaul.

The soufflé I exclaimed!
And whipped up my egg whites
I browned up some bacon
Much to my delight.

More cheese! Said my hubby
I told him do not worry.
The cheese you see me adding
Will make it nice a gooey.

We watched the timer ticking
And wondered how it would taste
The smells were fantastic
I dare not use pull with haste.

Alas it was done!
And ready to devour,
We scooped it up and love it,
It was gone within an hour.

I have never made a soufflé. So over the years I was very hesitant to try one. I had heard horror stories, but I was not to be dismayed. Last September I had the privilege of meeting several of my friends from a cooking board hosted by the folks at Cuisine at Home.

One of those was Billy Cotton. He had made his first soufflé and was so pleased at his results. I told him I had not yet challenged that task. Billy informed me that was about to try his first dessert one. After talking with him I told him that while he would do his dessert one, I promised I would do my first savory one, based on the recipe he did.

When we came home I received a phone call that Billy had passed away.

But the promised was made. So I dedicate my first soufflé to Billy. I hope I did you proud! :)

My ingredients are ready -

Folding in the eggs whites -

Into the oven it goes -

Oh this was so good! Let's eat!


At 7:44 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Red! Nicely done. Good lighting too. Is that from that little camera of yours?

I am glad you are giving the recipes too. I miss souffles.

Zhian River-Reed


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