Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Day 30 – The Giants Win the Pennant!! The Giants Win the Pennant!!

Oh sorry got so excited about it being my last day in PCA-1 I lost all control.

Well tonight marked a mile stone for all of us. We are now heading to PCA-II which is meats. It was a fun night and bitter sweet. I think we’re all excited and nervous since we’re going on to something new and yet leaving our comfort zone.

As we finished up our 2 recipes – New England Clam Chowder and Gnocchi with Brown Butter and Sage, Chefs began gathering our final reviews. Chef Knight gave each of us a nice card with words of thanks and support. I thought it was such a nice touch and very considerate of her to do so. I mean let’s face it, we were not an easy bunch.

Then it was time for final grades. Drum roll please (tatatatatatatata) I got an A!! I was very pleased to see that. I thought I missed a lot more on my final written test, but I only missed 3 questions for a total of 4 points. (One of the questions was worth 2 points)

We also celebrated a birthday. Scott turned a whopping 32!! I swear 3 gray hairs popped out as we watched…he’s SOOOooOOOoo old now. (grins)

Tomorrow we go from 0 – 60. We begin working with meats. First up will be Chicken. The interesting part I’ve noticed, as I look through the first couple of days, is we are doing complete meals. No longer are we making what would be deemed 4 different side dishes, but rather a protein a starch and a veggie. Now is when we start to eat real food. Well so long as it’s consumable Hahaha! Our Chef Instructors seem tougher as well. Now we have to relearn how to do things and do them their way. I can’t wait!

The cutest thing will be going into the ‘holding cell’ (This is where we sit and wait till we can enter the labs. It’s like a big dining room but with office like chairs and tables on wheels) and wait with our fellow classmates and watch the confused looking newbies come in. Tonight is their first night to start PCA-I. I remember my first day very well and one individual who has just been a wealth of information, Thank You Tiny, and I hope that I can pass that along to another newbie.

We officially lost 2 students – Chris and Anthony. Interestingly enough our dish problem went way down too. Our predictions are during PCA2 we’ll lose at least 4 more. Only because they barely kept up during the first section. Right now I like everyone in our class. They all want to be here and everyone tries really hard.

Now I just need to learn how to properly sharpen my knives. I want to get that filet knife razor sharp.

Until tomorrow!!

Our Group Picture. This is our last day in the PCA-I Kitchen. Are we good looking or what?! Posted by Picasa


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