Friday, December 08, 2006

Day 15 of CCT – The Last Supper…

Well tonight marked our last night of finals. We presented the Terrine, Pork Rillet, Goat Cheese Moussculini, all the tarts and canapés including our mystery one which was the South Western Chicken in phyllo dough.

What ride!! I really wish this course was longer. I had a lot of fun doing these dishes, even the salads and sandwiches because we expanded on presentation. We all just throw our salads in a bowl at home or on a plate never giving a thought to how they look. But if you took the time you’d be amazed at how you make a salad appear. Even taking the time to put a sandwich on a plate a certain way or the angles at which you cut it. All of these simple details can take an ordinary dish and make it look wonderful.

We should get our grades back regarding our finals. The written, product ID, practical’s as well as the weeks before work. I’m never confident going into these things. I always feel like there are tons I’m forgetting. I will never work as fast as some, nor as slow as others. I usually feel like I’m in a race against myself which is the wrong approach. I need to get that race connotation out of my head. This is food, you can’t rush good food. Well you can and that’s what fast food is and that is not a place I want to be. I am always so glad of the Chef’s critiques. It gives me perspective.

Tomorrow we start our baking course! I will officially be in BPT – Baking, Pastry Technique. I’m very excited to be starting this part of the curriculum because it is SO out of my element. My idea of baking cookies is to get that yellow tube of cookie dough from the store. Even then I’ve gotten so lazy at it now I get the pre-formed/cut dough. Each time we start a new session I get so nervous about what will be expected and how will I do. This time is even more so because of the baking portion. Not to mention on the second day of baking, ‘cake day’, our Chef will be gone and we’ll have a substitute Chef. So not only are we baking but my comfort zone has been breached. Chef True is going on a mini vacation. I actually hope he has a fantastic time.

That about wraps up CCT. I did go and get a book on Hors d’oeuvres and Canapés. I’m looking forward to trying some of these out. I am hoping to get pictures of our final presentation but I did not have my camera and I’m waiting to see if one of my classmates is actually going to send them.

Until Tomorrow!...


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